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                Rates & Reservations

                Rates & Reservations
                Petite Suite: Daily Rates  
                Single Occupancy $125
                Double Occupancy $125
                The Green Suite: Daily Rates  
                Single Occupancy $140
                Double Occupancy $140
                Three People $170
                Four People $200
                The Studios: Daily Rates  
                Single Occupancy $ 95
                Double Occupancy $ 95
                Tax - 50 cents per night per room  



                For reservations call 504-524-3621 or 504-525-3983. 

                Reservations require deposit of two days' rate for each suite or studio reserved. For stays longer than five days, reservations require deposit of 20 percent total. Balance is due upon checking in.

                Check-in begins at 2 p.m. Check out at noon.

                Cancellation refund requires 14-day notice. Deposit checks from outside the United States must be in terms of U.S. dollars.  Make checks payable to J.E. Bourgoyne.



                Copyright 2006 Bourgoyne Guest House